About Us

Our Commitment to You

Good Mood Farms is a Company run by Women who Care about Women and their Sexual Health.

We believe that great sex and wellness go together. We’re committed to creating top-quality, effective, safe products that support sexual and reproductive health.

Our products harness the power of CBD, a natural hemp extract, to enhance sexual pleasure and ease discomfort during sex. CBD has been shown to aid relaxation and reduce pain, making it perfect for those who struggle with anxiety and pain during sex and menstruation.

Every product is lovingly created to help you glow from the inside out.

About our CBD

We use broad spectrum CBD, which means that you get the goodness of the whole plant. The only part of the plant that is removed is THC, an intoxicating substance. Our THC-free formula ensures that there are no intoxicating chemicals in our products.

The result is a finished product that supports your health during intimacy or menstruation, enabling you to have better orgasms as well as pain-free sex.


Why CBD?

Health conditions like vaginal dryness, endometriosis, or fibroids can make sex a painful and uncomfortable experience. Anxiety can also get in the way of intimacy.

CBD is an all-natural substance that has been shown to reduce pain and anxiety. Versatile, safe, and non-intoxicating, CBD easily be used during sex or masturbation to enhance pleasure and reduce discomfort.


Ethical CBD is quality CBD

Our CBD is derived from hemp grown on Farm Bill-compliant farms here in the USA. Our farms use organic farming practices to ensure that there are no traces of pesticides or herbicides in our products. Because we care about the environment, our farms use renewable energy wherever possible.

Each plant is harvested by hand and tested to ensure they are free of pesticides. We use GMP-certified manufacturing practices to guide the creation of our products.

All of our products are cruelty-free and vegan. To ensure quality, our products are tested in an independent lab. This testing verifies that we’re delivering THC-free, safe, legitimate products. We welcome you to view our lab reports here.

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